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  • Looking From Our Roots

    Mirando Desde Nustras Raices – Looking From Our Roots is an original series from FNX bringing traditional storytelling and culture views from an Indigenous perspective. Many of these Indigenous cultures reside in the Mountains of the Mexican States of Nayarit Jalisco and San Lous Potosi, Mexico.  Their stories, language, history and people are featured on this series. 


    Looking From our Roots (Mirando Desde Nuestras Raices) - (Series) February 11 at 6PM PT / 9PM EST



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Creative Native : 11:00 - 11:30

Sweet Reflections begins with Marcus Mark and Tamara Bell making decoupage magnets. This easy craft is a wonderful way to get young people involved in preserving family memroies. Next, we look at delightful origins of chocolate. We travel to Tabasco, Mexico to see how Mayan people discovered chocolate and how it's made today. We end the episode by making a unique and delightful "Bad Baby Cigar Box" purse.