About FNX

FNX Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide Native American and World Indigenous peoples content that entertains, inspires, and informs.

  • Core Values
  • Integrity – To be ethical
  • Respect – To be sensitive to all cultures and beliefs
  • Innovation – To explore new ideas and technologies
  • Excellence – To strive for the highest quality

FNX Vision

To build a stronger society through greater engagement, awareness and understanding of Indigenous peoples.

About FNX

FNX | First Nations Experience is the first and only nationally distributed TV channel exclusively devoted to Native American and World Indigenous content. FNX originates from the studios of KVCR-PBS in San Bernardino, CA.

Created as a shared vision between Founding Partners, the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians and KVCR-PBS, FNX launched on September 25, 2011. FNX broadcasts in the second largest media market in the U.S, to an estimated audience of over 18 million viewers, over KVCR Channel 24.2.

Through Native-produced and/or themed documentaries, dramatic series, nature, cooking, gardening, children’s and arts programming, FNX strives to accurately illustrate the lives and cultures of Native American and Indigenous people around the world. FNX is a voice, and broadcast outlet for Native American and World Indigenous communities.

FNX is currently available in the greater Los Angeles area on Frontier FiOS Channel 471, DirecTV Channel 24-2, Time Warner Channel 1272, and over-the-air on KVCR-Ch. 24.2 and KLCS Ch. 58.4.

On November 1, 2014, FNX launched as a full-time channel on the Public Television Interconnect System (PBS satellite), making it available to hundreds of PBS, community and tribal stations, and television service providers across the country. FNX is on Satellite AMC–21 Channel SD08. FNX is working diligently to get the channel carried in as many communities as possible across the U.S. Currently, FNX is carried by 20 affiliate stations broadcasting into 18 states from Alaska to New York and available to more than 22 million households across the U.S.! New stations are always coming on board, so stay tuned – FNX may be available in your city very soon!

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