Television exclusively devoted to Native American and World Indigenous content.



Who We Are:

First Nations Experience is America's only Native American and World Indigenous themed television network. Five years old, FNX is a non-profit education and entertainment brand serving Native Americans and consumers of Native culture. Our mission is to provide the public with programming of the highest quality, using media to educate, inspire, entertain, and express the diversity of American Indian and other World Indigenous cultures, and their contributions to society.

FNX is distributed by PBS to several station affiliates in 34 states across the country, reaching a potential audience of more than 76.5 million households. FNX is owned by KVCR, the PBS station serving the Inland Empire & Palm Springs area communities of Southern California. KVCR/FNX are owned by the San Bernardino Community College District.

Underwriting Contacts:

General Line

Lillian Vasquez

Frank Blanquet (Maya)
Producer/Director, Television - KVCR/FNX-TV

About FNX Underwriting:

FNX receives operating and programming funding from donors including individuals, foundations, tribes, and underwriters. These local, regional, national, and international enterprises (for-profit and non-profit) are committed to bringing informative and entertaining programming of Native American and World Indigenous cultures to our audience.

Underwriting is the name the FCC has given to announcements acknowledging support for public media from the business community. Underwriting is the most effective way to create an on-air presence and enables your organization to reach FNX viewers.

Your 15- or 30-second message airs on FNX and all its full-time simulcasts, including broadcast and digital cable. It may include information about products or services and may include a web address, street address or phone number. Narrowed times of day and even specific programs may be requested.


FNX connects with 76.5 million households throughout the country, with a high density within Southern California (Los Angeles, Inland Empire, San Diego), New York, Chicago, Phoenix, Anchorage, and Tulsa.

Station Underwriting Map

Age and Gender:

FNX's audience spans the generations and is evenly targeted by both males and females.

Ages and genders underwriting

Broadcast Underwriting Guidelines:

Clear guidelines make for a good message. A combination of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and First Nations Experience (FNX) guidelines ensure that the message brought forth is clear, concise and sophisticated. FCC underwriting guidelines dictate that all public broadcasting stations must refrain from using underwriting language which contains:

  • Calls to Action (words such as "call", "stop by", or phrases prompting action).
  • References to price (i.e., actual price "free",  "on sale",  etc.)
  • Superlatives (i.e., "best", "greatest", "most reliable", etc.) or other qualitative
  • Inducements to buy, rent, sell, or lease
  • Comparative language (i.e., award-winning, board-certified, etc.)

The intent of underwriting is to publicly acknowledge our underwriters and provide a brief description of location, services, notable business anniversary or relocation information, slogans used as a standard, traditional portion of the business's marketing mix and which do not violate FCC and FNX regulations, as well as telephone numbers and web site information. Underwriting credits must fit in a 15- or 30-second time frame. NOTE: A maximum of two underwriter credits are scheduled in most available program breaks. Each credit spot is sold separately.