How to Find Us

Below is a map that shows where FNX is currently broadcasting.

State Affiliate Channel Broadcast
Alaska KUAC 9.4
Arizona GRBC 19 – KGRF
21 – KGRY
29 – KGRQ
California KVCR 24.2
KEET 13.4
Colorado CPTV 12.2 (4PM – 4AM)
Minnesota LPTV 9.2
New Mexico NNTV 5.3
New York WPBS 16.3
Oklahoma CATV-47 47
Utah UEN 9.3


If you cannot get a signal from FNX or one of our affiliates, use this tool on the FCC’s Website to determine the signal strength in your area. If the FCC says you do get signal, but still cannot see it on your TV, try moving your antenna to a different location.


Certain FNX programming is available to watch on-demand online. Examples include The AUX, Native Shorts, and more. For even more content, visit ourĀ watch portal. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Find Us Online