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  • Cousins Across The Sea

    The Peoples of the Pacific tells the story of the provenance of the Polynesian People - an in depth investigation into the legends, the folklore, the hidden histories and scientific evidence that verifies the stories of the people of the Pacific. Searching beneath the stones and crevices of mysterious burial practices and suppressed writings, unearthing ancient artifacts and oral histories, explorers Gabi Plumm and Peter Marsh delve into the controversy that surrounds the origins of the Polynesian people, revealing tales of guarded legends that expose the startling truth.  


    Cousins Across The Sea premieres April 13 at 6pm (PT) 9pm (ET) on FNX!



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Goshen : 07:00 - 08:30

GOSHEN is a powerful documentary depicting the diet and active lifestyle of the indigenous Tarahumara, a light-footed running tribe, who are striving to maintain their ancient culture against all odds. The Tarahumara are renowned for their incredible long distance running endurance and prevention of modern chronic diseases. For centuries, the Tarahumara have found a safe place of refuge in the remote depths of Mexico?s Copper Canyons. Recently, drought and famine have threatened the Tarahumara's ability to sustain their ancient cultural traditions. GOSHEN takes you on a journey in the huarache-clad footsteps of these endurance athletes, highlighting the health benefits of safeguarding their way of life. Engaging and entertaining, GOSHEN will inspire you to take part in preserving the native seeds and running traditions of the Tarahumara.