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Ruth-Ann Thorn Presents: Art of the City


Art of the City with Ruth-Ann Thorn

Art of the City


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From fine art to performance art to the masters of the culinary arts, renowned gallerist, TV producer, and CEO of the new beauty brand n8iv Beauy, Ruth-Ann Thorn's series "Art of the City" is dedicated to support, recognize, celebrate and honor the extraordinary efforts of Native American Artists. Art of the City with Ruth-Ann Thorn is a documentary styled interview series that covers world-renowned Artists of the Native American Art form. The program is an immersive cultural experience and offers one of the finest assemblage of the culture from the artistic lens and can be seen on FNX starting in November 2021.

Ms. Thorn, San Diegan and of the Rincon Band of Luiseno Indians brings to her docuseries her native American experience; Her mother was an artist and was involved in the women's rights movement, while her father, part of the Rincon Band of Luiseno Indians, was one of the first Native Americans to occupy Alcatraz in an effort to gain equal rights for the Native Americans living on reservations, who at the time weren't allowed to vote. In 2018, Thorn was elected as the chairwoman of the Rincon Economic Development Corporation of her tribe and has been on the board for 5 years. She oversees businesses that are owned by the tribe and is an active member of California chapter of the Native American Chamber of Commerce.