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  • Looking From Our Roots

    Mirando Desde Nustras Raices – Looking From Our Roots is an original series from FNX bringing traditional storytelling and culture views from an Indigenous perspective. Many of these Indigenous cultures reside in the Mountains of the Mexican States of Nayarit Jalisco and San Lous Potosi, Mexico.  Their stories, language, history and people are featured on this series. 

    Looking From our Roots (Mirando Desde Nuestras Raices) - (Series) Thursdays at 6PM PT / 9PM EST



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Spirits for Sale : 12:00 - 01:00

This film addresses the issue of spiritual exploiters and the harm they do towards Native cultures but also to followers who, in many cases, "don't have a clue." Native Americans are defending their culture from Western Spiritualists abusing their traditions for monetary gains through "Pay To Pray Ceremonies."