S1E9: Mg Midget Overhaul

Mad Mohawk’s expansion plans are in trouble. The King (Brian White) is late on rent and payroll, his dream twin turbo mustang project is stalled, and he’s losing employees left and right. His salesman is always missing and not making any big sales at his new store in Cornwall, and his giant body shop in Summerstown is not finishing enough jobs to cover the King’s ballooning expenses. Brian has to up his game and starts hustling for new financing and business. He gets his guys working on a custom restore of an MG Midget roadster and steps into the role of salesman trying to ‘flip’ a Lincoln Navigator. The King and the boys are still chasing the dream of doing complete car customizations – but chasing your dreams isn’t easy. Like the King says: ‘It ain’t easy – if it was easy, everybody would be doing it.’