S1E7: The Twin Turbo Mustang Project

The King and the boys at Mad Mohawk are back for more car customization and mayhem. The King (Brian White) is expanding his Mad Mohawk Kustom empire from one garage on the rez in Akwesasne, to a bodyshop in Summerstown and a design studio in Cornwall. They are getting ready for Mad Mohawk Madness 5 – their annual car show – and Brian wants a twin turbo Mustang to be the centerpiece of the show – the only problem is they don’t have enough cash to get it finished, and they’re running out of time. Can the King and the boys pull off a complete car customization in two weeks before their car show? Will Brian be able to make payroll or will none of the guys show up at the car show? Is Mad Mohawk Kustom ready to expand or should it just stay on the Rez? Tune in to Rez Rides to find out.