S1E6: Chasing the Dream – Viva Las Vegas

The King is off to Las Vegas to secure The Dream. Brian White needs to get Canadian distribution deals to build his empire and expand his business. He needs to prove himself as a solid CEO and to close a deal that is going to open up Mad Mohawk’s business. Brian Dance has several meetings lined up with reps and CEO’s of companies, but he needs to keep Brian White focused to make the deals. New products and beautiful women lead Mad Mohawk around the SEMA Las Vega car show like little kids in a candy store. Louis Savard, on bended knee, asks his wife to remarry him and the full Vegas experience is underway as the Mad Mohawk trio chases the Dream that began the season. Client Bob Linguist shows up to pick up his driver car, a Buick Skylark converted into a replica of the 1970 GSX Stage 1 Convertible. The 100-point Concourse Car the Buick Brothers are restoring for Bob, a wealthy car enthusiast. As Bob walks around his car he explains why these guys are the best – so good that one of their past projects done for another client has been nominated the Hemming’s Muscle Car of the Year.