S1E5: The Masters Humble the King

The Mad Mohawk team rebuilds the King’s 1965 Corvette for the mile track drag race in Napierville. Brian White is about to fulfill a life long dream of racing his car. The Buick Brothers, master of the track, teach the Mad Mohawk boys all about the rules of racing. Why Slicks (tires) are needed and how preparation is the way to win. Brian White blows everyone away with a record reaction time off the starting line, but unfortunately he did not shine for the rest of the race The end of the show takes Jay (One of Mad Mohawk’s team members) to the altar for his wedding. Brian White, the King, dons a tux for the occasion. The Buick Brothers give us a detailed knowledge of what it takes to FAST RACE. Duane Diabo is longing to change his engine because his times are too slow for his liking.