S1E4: Burning Up Mad Mohawk

We learn the tricks of creating flames with an airbrush. Brian White’s true passion is airbrushing fancy images on cars. This is his chance to put his personal touch on each of the vehicles he works on. While he is busy being an artist, the rest of the crew is rushing to get the final details together for the up coming Mad Mohawk Madness Day Car Show. Brian Dance, manager of Mad Mohawk, is calling as many people as he can to come to their annual car show, including the Buick Brothers from Kahnawake whom they admire. We meet Corey Diabo, the youngest Buick Brother turned rock star. Corey is the lead guitarist of Jonus, an award-winning Canadian band. His roots are grounded in cars and guitars. Duane continues detailing his prized GSX and shows off his ultimate engine block to return to the FAST track circuit. The Buick Brothers travel to the Mad Mohawk Madness Day Car Show and participate along with many other car lovers in the annual parade of unique cars. It is a day of pride for Mohawks. The Buick Brothers offer to help Brian White and give him tips on how to participate in the drag races held every year in Napierville in September. White has always dreamed of racing in the Napierville race, but is worried he doesn’t know enough to participate. The two garage share their knowledge together.