S1E11: Chasing the Dream -Importest 2007 – Honda Civic Engine

Mad Mohawk’s got a lot on it’s plate. The King (Brian White) has landed a big new job doing an engine swap and complete customization of a Honda Civic AND he has to finish his landlord’s Rolls Royce in time for a car show in Toronto. Importfest 2007 in Toronto is the biggest and most competitive car show in Canada and both the Honda Civic owner and Brian’s landlord want their cars to be centre stage. With only weeks to go, the King’s got other problems – he’s still late on rent and payroll and the guys are getting restless AND he doesn’t have the parts he needs to get the jobs done. The King has to keep the guys working long enough to get the cars done and then haul them to Toronto. He’s been chasing the dream of doing complete car customizations his whole life – Now he has to do whatever it takes to make his dream a reality.