S1E1 – Ebony Society

Ariel Tweto and Bird Runningwater discuss Maori director Tammy Davis's film "Ebony Society" in which...

S1E2: Gesture Down / Tungijuq

Bird Runningwater and Ariel Tweto discuss two short films. "Gesture Down" - A Kumeyaay Indian man seeks...

S1E3: Wapawekka

A Cree hip hop artist is disconnected from his native traditions. Short film discussion by Bird Runningwater...

S1E4: The Cave / Choke

Bird Runningwater and Ariel Tweto view and discuss the inter-dimensional fantasy short film "The Cave"...

S1E5: Shimisani

Bird Runningwater and Ariel Tweto showcase and discuss the short film "Shimasani" by Blackhorse Lowe.

S1E6: The Rocket Boy

Ariel Tweto and Bird Runningwater discus the beautifully shot short film "The Rocket Boy" in which a...

S1E7: Sikumi

An altercation claims more than one life as a man must make a decision that will affect a close friend...

S1E8: Goodnight Irene

Hosts Ariel Tweto and Bird Runningwater discuss a short film in which, a pair of young men reconnect...

S1E9: Memory

On the one year anniversary of her brother's death, a young Native American girl receives an unexpected...

S1E10: Ok Breathe Auralee

Yearning to be a mother, a Native American woman living in an urban city is torn between having a child...

S1E11: “Red Buffalo Sky Dive” & “Two Cars One Night”

Bird and Ariel showcase and discuss the experimental film Red Buffalo Skydive & the 2005 Oscar nominated...

S2E1 – Wakening

Native Shorts returns for Season 2! Bird and Ariel watch the movie "Wakening".

S2E3: Indian 49 / The Hill

Bird and Ariel watch Indian 49 and The Hill.

S2E2: Tama Tu

Bird and Ariel watch Tama Tu".

S2E4: Still Life

Bird and Ariel watch "Still Life".

S2E5: Plains Empty / Flat

Bird and Ariel watch "Plains Empty" and "Flat".

S2E6: Green Bush

Bird and Ariel watch "Green Bush".