S1E1: Lucky Undies

Little J's new undies have special powers - so how can he play basketball without them?

S1E2: Wombat Rex

Big Cuz tricks Little J into believing that the Giant Wombat is not extinct.

S1E3: New Tricks

Little J frets that his dream of being an acrobat is not the 'right' dream...

S1E4: Right Under Your Nose

On their quest to the beach, Little J, Nanna and Big Cuz struggle to find what they need before sunset.

S1E5: Goanna Ate My Homework

Little J gets confused hunting bush tucker, when he follows his own tracks.

S1E6: Big Plans

When the 'big kids' won't play with him, Little J creates a tantalizing adventure - in the back yard.

S1E7: Hopalong

When B Boy comes to stay, Little J is miffed - until they work together to care for an injured baby kangaroo.

S1E8: Where’s Aaron

Aaron the class mascot is missing... and Little J fears that he's lost in the desert.

S1E9: Old Monster Dog

Little J is convinced there's a real, live monster in the backyard.

S1E10: Transformation

Can Big Cuz face dancing in front of the school, and will Little J ever see his caterpillar again?

S1E11: Nothing Scares Me

Little J knows there's something that scares him, but he's even more scared of being found out.

S1E12: Territories

Big Cuz and Little J must put aside their differences, to outwit a territorial magpie.

S1E13: Night Owl & Morning Maggie

Fascinated by an owl in the backyard, Little J turns nocturnal - with disastrous results.