A unique blend of refined hip hop music, combined with the soulful vocals of Andrew Decorby, and a six piece live band, Relik offers talent, substance, raw energy and emotion. A gifted wordsmith known for his quick witted and gritty punch-lines, front man Billy LeBlanc, better known as Rellik, is no stranger to adversity and has transcribed his emotional experiences from gaining custody of his children, to the sudden loss of his mother, to political subjects and frustrations with the music industry , into hard hitting lyrics. Rellik has a rare gift in composing lyrics that not only get in your face but get right under your skin. His messages are carefully placed on top of beats carefully arranged so the listener is barely aware of the impact his words bare, often until the second or third take.

Both members being aboriginal, Rellik of Metis descent (French and Native American) was raised on Cree principles, but does not feel the need to write exclusively about his heritage. “While still in touch with our aboriginal roots, I feel the need to write material that all hip hop listeners can relate to regardless of their ethnic background or experiences” said LeBlanc.

As a Seasoned performers with hundreds of performances tucked under their belt , Relik has learned that an audience enjoys raw energy, but also appreciates some lighter, more personal moments, which songs like “thank you” and “daddys lil girl” tend to provide. Rellik‚Äôs sound is often compared to Xzibit, Rick Ross or Aesop Rock and their professionalism in the studio and on stage promises to be rewarding in markets not only in Canada and the US, but overseas as well.