Quese IMC

Marcus “Ouese IMC” Frejo was born in Oklahoma. He is from the Wolf band of Pawnee and Bear clan of Seminole Indigenous People. He also has roots from Silao, Guanajuato. Ouese IMC has been writing, performing hiphop since the age of 7. He first per­formed in the 3rd grade, a hip-hop song promoting the D.A.R.E program, which promoted an alcohol and drug-free life. Ouese IMC has lived an alcohol and drug-free life. This choice of a healthy life-style, even within the hip-hop industry has set him apart from others. Ouese explains “I don’t condemn how people live their lives, I live my life alcohol and drug-free because my people were doomed by the attempt from this united states governments use of alcohol as a weapon to destroy our peoples spirits, minds and culture. Besides, we indigenous people don’t have the enzyme to break down alcohol.” Ouese IMC has performed both national and international worldwide and also keynotes and does workshops on topics ranging from cultural awareness, empowerment and lead­ership, hiphop, art and activism, social justice, organizing and healthy lifestyles. He continues to work with and within indigenous communities across the country, as well as inner-city youth programs, high schools, universities, youth conferences, multi-cultural impact building and cultural exchanges. Ouese IMC also works with programs geared towards suicide prevention on and off reser­vation communities.
Ouese IMC is an award winning indigenous hiphop artist. His music has been in film and animation film both major and indepen­dent. He has performed with the likes of Run DMC, Ludacris, Knarles Barkley, Atmosphere, The Pharcyde, Kumbia Kings, DJ Grand­masterflash, Petey Pablo, Clipse, Poor Righteous Teachers, Mos Def and Tinariwen, just to name a few. Ouese IMC is one of the founding members of the world-famous group, Culture Shock Camp. He truly loves the artform of hip-hop expression and uses this instrument to bring forth awareness, consciousness and change within people and communities, not by force but by invitation. This invite consists of building bridges with the people and aligning ones ideas and spirit so that true spiritual change can be moved about through the power of word, music, art and connection. Ouese IMC has been producing music for over a decade. He has also acted in a few movies, both major and independent. Ouese IMC is a true hip-hop artist trained in the original artform that through a medium of music, struggle can be expressed for a positive change.
Ouese IMC lives and practices the indigenous way of life of his people and also promotes cultural empowerment. He has performed in front of elders at a nursing home to thousands of GS protesters on the streets of Berlin, Germany and one thing always stands true within his performance and presentation and that is the power of truth. We all have gifts, some use them and some don’t. Ouese IMC has a gift and it has reached thousands of people across the world and has yet to reach the millions. Ouese said “In our creation story we come from the stars and even the star people had to make long journeys in order to create the truth and sometimes even up there sacred beings didn’t believe, but when the beauty and light shined through the creation of what they did, it was then we realized that we are that same instrument here on sacred mother earth. We have the ability to change the world within the actions and move­ments of using our gifts. So I operate in my gift and I love living the dream.” Ouese IMC is a young, vibrant indigenous MC, Producer, Activist, Actor, Educator, Artist and Speaker following the path layed out for him by his ancestors. But yet, He is not the only one.