Neon Dreams

Frank Kadillac – Vocals
Matt Gats – Guitar
Adrian Morris – Drums

Over the last couple of years, Halifax-based trio Neon Dreams have rapidly emerged as one of the brightest new stars on the Canadian music horizon. The success story they are writing has long and deep roots, however, for Frank Kadillac, Adrian Morris, and Matt Gats have been playing together in different configurations for the last nine years. The result is a tight-knit band with a strong personal and musical foundation, one destined to help Neon Dreams go a long way in the business.

Neon Dreams are now readying the release of a new EP, Wolf, Princess & Me, set to come out on Dreaming Out Loud on Sept. 22.

This release comes hot on the heels of another radio hit single, “Find A Way.” Featuring the guest vocals of Sarah Mark, it is an infectious track perfectly timed for the summer season.

The fact that the group beat out such prominent fellow nominees as Shaun Frank, Tory Lanez and Party Next Door in that category definitely placed Neon Dreams on the music industry radar.

Frank Kadillac and Matt Gats first started playing together in high school, as Matt recalls. “We both didn’t go to class very much and the music teacher was nice enough to let us hang out in the music room. We’d hang out and once a week Frank would ask about starting a band. He started getting better at a rapid pace and I was like ‘we’re definitely going to do this.’ We have never looked back.”

Adrian Morris (Algonquin of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation) joined the party shortly after. He explains that “they had another drummer, but he dropped out just before they had a big show coming up. They started asking around, and one of their buddies was a mutual friend. He said ‘check out this guy on YouTube,” as I’d put up a video of me playing drums that had gone viral, with nearly a million views. They called me up, saying they had a big gig in three days. I quickly learned all their songs and did the show.”

That core trio stuck together through a couple of different musical incarnations. One of these was a pop-punk quintet that made a splash locally.

The musical tastes of the guys then evolved, first into hiphop and then electronics. Matt explains that “when these bands came along incorporating electronics and rock, we wanted to do that too. We started a new group, and that’s when Corey LeRue started performing with us.” LeRue was a Halifax-based DJ and producer, and his influence would be crucial to the development of the Neon Dreams sound.