Making music that moves the soul and stirs insight, Audiopharmacy is a multicultural mix of members consisting of founder – Hapa (Chinese) American Teao (producer, guitar & turntables), Pomo Indian/African lyricist – Ras K’dee (MC & keys), Pasha Brown (MC & sampler), Keepyahjoy (bass & buckets), Virgin Islander Ras Kwome Gustave (drums & vocals) and the Native Hummingbird, Desirae Harp (vocals). Spawned from its roots in Hip Hop, Audiopharmacy extends its repertoire beyond the genre. By intricately fusing live instrumentation, global musical styles, and indigenous roots, the band’s audio healing re-defines the meaning and the sound of “World Hip Hop”. By pulling together inspiration from all corners of the earth, Audiopharmacy makes music that is unique & avant-garde, yet always speaks the language of the people.

<p>Audiopharmacy has been strongly rooted in community and based in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 15 years, performing in countless community events to support diverse and important causes throughout the Bay Area and has a solid base of new and long-time fans from all walks of life, including fellow musicians, artists, and activists. Additionally, the band has had the opportunity and privilege to tour and travel all over the world and back. </p>

<p>In both 2013 and 2014, Audiopharmacy was chosen out of 300 bands nation-wide for their musical excellence and educational capability as US Music and Cultural Ambassadors for the American Music Abroad Program by American Voices and U.S. Department of State’s Office of Educational and Cultural Affairs. The band successfully fostered cross-cultural engagement and understanding through their music, performances, workshops and daily interactions, and was awarded the Mayoral Proclamation by the City & County of San Francisco upon returning home from their first tour.</p>