Pete & Cleo

From the award winning Holt Hamilton Productions comes the hilarious adventure comedy of two brothers born and raised in Fort Defiance, Arizona. Cleo (Beau Benally, Blue Gap Boy’z), a college loving student who is working on his master’s degree, returns to the Navajo Reservation over spring break to spend time with his family. While back on the ‘rez’, Cleo’s older brother Pete (Ernest David Tsosie, III, Blue Gap Boy’z), who never has or ever plans to leave the ‘rez’ and who still lives at home, wants nothing to do with his annoying little ‘white educated’ brother. The comedy really takes shape as their loving mother (Ethel Begay, Turquoise Rose) grows tired of their bickering and kicks them out of the house to go and clean out the family’s spare hoghan. Exploding with fun comedy for the entire family, the two brothers bring to the screen what it means to be family as they battle their way back to being brothers.

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