Future Proof

Airing March 2018

Q&A With the Host, Lucas Brown Eyes

Tell us about your series idea! What content areas are you exploring with the show, and how does the series relate to a national audience?

Growing up Native American you face a lot of stereotypes, but there is one that bothers me the most. This idea that “Native Americans are old fashioned and primitive.” This goes against my core being as tech nerd and my upbringing because I was raised by my mom, a Native American computer programmer. But this stereotype also does something far more insidious. Technology is inherently connected to intelligence. People assume the creators of it are geniuses as well the people who can easily understand it. This stereotype perpetuates the idea that Native Americans are primitive savages. Which is why I want to create a fun entertaining tech review show made by and starring Native Americans.

This will be a fast-paced multi-platform show made specifically for the Youtube audience. There will be a Native American host and a theme for every episode. An example would be an episode called “The Cloud.” Most people have no idea what “The Cloud” actually means, so we’ll start off by explaining it. A key part of this show will be simply and accurately explaining things without getting too technical. We’ve all seen people’s eyes gloss over the moment something gets too technical or complicated so avoiding is essential. Themes will also be tied into modern Native American issues and views. For example, “lack of internet access on poor rural reservations and its effect on opportunities and education.”

The episode will then go into an interesting history of the cloud. Now, the key word is interesting because we need to keep our younger millennial audience’s attention. Good news, when properly researched/ written tech history can be fascinating. For example, “The Cloud predates the modern internet itself. It first represented ARPANET and was created by the US Military during the Cold War.”

The show will naturally segue into the future of cloud computing and how to use it today. This will include tips and tech news. Our content will be easily cut into smaller independently watchable videos made for the web/Youtube. Tech news videos are massive on Youtube and people actively seek them out when researching and buying products. This will be a point on entry for many new viewers, especially the millennial demographic.

Our show will be hip, funny, and fast paced, all while dispelling stereotypes. It meets all three criteria of the RFP. It will be created by a Native American, starring Native American talent and will have diversity in all aspects of production, including using a First Nations Experience crew. We will gladly collaborate with diversity focused organizations like the National Minority Consortia and the ITVS, as well as local diversity organizations like the American Indian Writer’s Committee.

What audience are you hoping to target with this series?

The online tech review, unboxing, and news community is very large. The top ten Technology channels have over sixty-four million subscribers. And its audience is incredibly diverse because technology is something that everyone interacts with. From teenagers obsessed with the latest gaming system, to the fresh out of college artists looking for the best way to express themselves. From the middle-aged manager looking to make their busy life more efficient, to the grandparent wanting to video chat with their grandkids. Technology is something that we all are fascinated by.

Future Proof is a modern multi-platform that can easily be divided into independently watchable videos that are put up on the internet/Youtube. The latest tech news and tips will be geared toward a younger millennial audience of teenagers and young adults. And the segments explaining how technologies work as well as their history will be targeted towards people in their 20s, 30s and older.

Meet Lucas Browneyes

Lucas Brown Eyes is a Native American Tv writer from the Oglala Lakota tribe and ever since he was young he has always wanted to create Tv. He was raised by his mother, grandmother and aunt along with two brothers and three cousins. They all lived in the same house because his mother always instilled in him that strong family values are the Lakota way. But he secretly suspected that it was because they were poor.

But what his family lacked in savings they made up for in support. And in 2003 their support reached crazy levels when they moved to California so Lucas could study Film & Television at Orange County High School of the Arts. He became an award winning filmmaker and after graduating he would go on to USC and earn a B.A. in Cinema-Television Production. During this time, he started a production company shooting commercials, music videos and 3D content to help pay his way through college. But this was just a path that allowed him focus on his real passion, writing. And that paid off in 2014 when he got accepted into the ABC Disney Writing Program. Since then he has staffed on Disney’s KC Undercover and 5 seasons of Freeform’s Young & Hungry. As well as creating and executive producing FNX’s “Future Proof.”