Future Proof

Q&A With the Host, Lucas Brown Eyes

Tell us about your series idea! What content areas are you exploring with the show, and how does the series relate to a national audience?

Growing up Native American you face a lot of stereotypes, but there is one that bothers me the most. This idea that “Native Americans are old fashioned and primitive.” This goes against my core being as tech nerd and my upbringing because I was raised by my mom, a Native American computer programmer. But this stereotype also does something far more insidious. Technology is inherently connected to intelligence. People assume the creators of it are geniuses as well the people who can easily understand it. This stereotype perpetuates the idea that Native Americans are primitive savages. Which is why I want to create a fun entertaining tech review show made by and starring Native Americans. (more…)

Touching the Past

Joe Morris Sr. shares his experience working as a Navajo Code Talker during World War II. Lying about his age to obtain a draft registration card, he was inducted into the Marine Corps in 1944. He was assigned to Navajo Communication School that was created to devise an unbreakable code based on the Navajo language for the military to use during combat. This film was created in an effort to preserve and share the story of the Navajo Code Talkers.


A 4-part documentary series that follows Derek Marsden, an Ojibway carpenter, as he travels the world to learn the ancient home building techniques of the world’s Indigenous and traditional cultures. His journey will take him to locations in Africa, Central and South America where he will live and work with people who are managing to maintain their customs and lifestyle.

Looking Toward Home

Looking Toward Home, is a one-hour documentary profiling the increasing number of Native Americans leaving the reservation for life in cities areas such as, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and the San Francisco Bay Area. The life and times of urban Indians is shown primarily through the eyes of these individuals as they attempt to maintain their cultural identity while living away from the culturally nurturing climate of the tribal reservation. Narrator, Conroy Chino begins the urban Indian journey from relocation to current issues facing native people in urban environments. He describes the importance of community building, health care, education, and cultural identity while addressing the issue of overcoming community invisibility.

Native Shorts

“Native Shorts presented by Sundance Institute’s Native American and Indigenous Program” is a series that will feature short films produced, premiered or showcased at the Sundance Film Festival through its Native American and Indigenous Program, followed by a brief discussion with hosts Ariel Tweto (Flying Wild Alaska, Wipe-Out)an Inupiaq Eskimo from Unakleet Alaska and the Sundance Institute’s own Bird Runningwater, a Cheyenne and Mescalero Apache.

Indians and Aliens

Indians and Aliens is a documentary TV series about encounters with unidentified flying objects in the Cree territories of northern Quebec. Our host Ernest Webb sets out on a northerly quest to investigate the growing amount of reports that come from his homeland. From the unexplained to the all-too-explainable: it is a slice of truly contemporary Native mythology, now taking shape in the Canadian north. “One thing is certain, with all the stories filtering in from the different communities, from so many different people, something is out there. The question is: what and who?”

Mixed Blessings

Mixed Blessings is a half-hour dramatic comedy series set in Fort McMurray, the ultimate Alberta boomtown. A Ukrainian plumber and a Cree waitress, both widowed with kids, fall in love and set up a new family together. Mixed Blessings explores the realities, the complexities, and the humour of blending two families and two very different cultures. Hank brings to the mix his daughter Vicky, his son Walt, his sister Doreen and his best friend Tazz. Josie is blessed with her sister Kate, her mother Kookum, her daughter Bobbie, and her sons Mick and Donnie.


A rotating compilation of music videos featuring diverse talents of Native American & World Indigenous cultures. Different genres such as hip hop, rap, dance, rock, and many more are feautured on the AUX.

Hit the Ice

This series sees dreams come true as the best young hockey players from across Canada come together for a 2-week NHL-like training camp. From physical training, on ice drills and different team building activities, the 20 prospects will grow, not only as a team but also as men. The players are working towards the ultimate test; to showcase their game skills for the scrutinizing eyes of real life junior scouts.

Wapos Bay

Ten-year-old T-Bear, 9-year-old Talon and 6-year-old Raven star in Wapos Bay, a light-hearted stop-motion animation series about growing up in a remote Cree community. In Wapos Bay, modern life and ancient traditions meet. Hunting and gathering, dog sledding and shimmering northern lights are part of every day, but so are video games, TV and cell phones. Guided by elders, extended family and their own insatiable curiosity, the three children learn how to balance traditional ways with newer ones. Their discoveries unfold against the backdrop of northern Saskatchewan’s varied seasons – winter, spring thaw, spring, summer, fall and freeze-up. As they explore the world around them, the three children acquire some valuable lessons about respect, cooperation, honesty and tolerance. And of course, they also teach the adults a few things.