Green Bush

Bird and Ariel watch "Green Bush".

Plains Empty / Flat

Bird and Ariel watch "Plains Empty" and "Flat".

Still Life

Bird and Ariel watch "Still Life".

Indian 49 / The Hill

Bird and Ariel watch Indian 49 and The Hill.

Tama Tu

Bird and Ariel watch Tama Tu".


Native Shorts returns for Season 2! Bird and Ariel watch the movie "Wakening".


Bird Runningwater and Ariel Tweto discuss a Hawaiian film surrounding the legend of the MU - Hawaii's first inhabitants.

Red Buffalo Skydive / Two Cars One Nigh

Bird and Ariel showcase and discuss the experimental film Red Buffalo Skydive & the 2005 Oscar nominated film Two Cars One Night.

Ok Breathe Aurelee

Yearning to be a mother, a Native American woman living in an urban city is torn between having a child with her non-native boyfriend and seeking a Native father. Showcase and discussion with Bird Runningwater and Ariel Tweto.


On the one year anniversary of her brother's death, a young Native American girl receives an unexpected visit form an oblivious and troubled elder. Bird Running water and Ariel Tweto offer insight and a discussion.