Green Bush

Bird and Ariel watch "Green Bush".

Plains Empty / Flat

Bird and Ariel watch "Plains Empty" and "Flat".

Still Life

Bird and Ariel watch "Still Life".

Indian 49 / The Hill

Bird and Ariel watch Indian 49 and The Hill.

Comet 2

Bird and Ariel watch "Comet 2".


Native Shorts returns for Season 2! Bird and Ariel watch the movie "Wakening".


Bird Runningwater and Ariel Tweto discuss a Hawaiian film surrounding the legend of the MU - Hawaii's first inhabitants.

Red Buffalo Skydive / Two Cars One Nigh

Bird and Ariel showcase and discuss the experimental film Red Buffalo Skydive & the 2005 Oscar nominated film Two Cars One Night.

Ok Breathe Aurelee

Yearning to be a mother, a Native American woman living in an urban city is torn between having a child with her non-native boyfriend and seeking a Native father. Showcase and discussion with Bird Runningwater and Ariel Tweto.


On the one year anniversary of her brother's death, a young Native American girl receives an unexpected visit form an oblivious and troubled elder. Bird Running water and Ariel Tweto offer insight and a discussion.