Alfredo Cruz

General Manager, KVCR/FNX

History is being made at FNX! This exciting and innovative development in public television is also the most important media opportunity for Native and Indigenous people ever! FNX is the vehicle we have been waiting for to be able to tell the stories, share perspectives and celebrate the rich and diverse traditions of our Native and World Indigenous cultures.

Through FNX, we are directly impacting the public dialogue and perception of Native and Indigenous people like never before. This is a rare moment in time, an important opening to make a signficant change in our society. Thank you for helping us make history. Spread the word and share the FNX spirit!

FNX greatly appreciates the support of our founding partners

FNX - First Nations' Experience

LPTV - Bemidji, Minnesota

KCWC-DT - Riverton, Wyoming

KEET-TV - Eureka, California

WYCC - Chicago, Illinois

KUAC - Fairbanks, Alaska

CATV47 - Concho, OK

FNX is also coming soon to these stations...

Navajo Nation TV-5
(NNTV-5 in UT, AZ, NM)

Mississippi Band of
Choctaw Indians Television

FNX is serving the community with the help of these organizations.

The Art Institute of California - Inland Empire
A Campus of Argosy University

The Autry
National Center


Founded in September of 2011, FNX is a non-profit television channel located in southern California that came to life through the shared vision of San Manuel Band of Mission Indians and PBS/KVCR.

Native American and Indigenous people are celebrated in the healthy, positive and real lives they live through TV Series, Documentaries, and Short Films from around the world.

Xperience FNX on VerizonFIOS and DirecTV, and other providers throughout the U.S. produced locally from the Inland Empire at KVCR studios.

"FNX Channel illustrates the healthy, positive and real live cultures of Native American and Indigenous people around the world..."


Our Mission

Invest in Native American and Indigenous based content/develop and produce original programming and strong brands.

Expand business relationships with cable carriers and public broadcasters.

Develop strategic partnerships with sponsors and advertisers.

Support the voice and positive representation of Native American and Indigenous people.

The Ability to deliver nationally

The dynamic partnership between the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians and KVCR presents FNX Viewers with the never before seen and diverse programming. While the San Manuel Band of mission Indians are recognized across the United States for their stewardship in preserving and celebrating indigenous cultures through various projects and partnerships, FNX brings its broadcasting capacity by over-the-air and cable carrier platforms to potentially reach 1.8 million viewers a month.

Through production pieces like FNX Now, Soundoff, and On the Scene, the FNX team works to bring the stories of Southern California Native Americans to the general public.

To see whats going on in the community, check out FNX Now at:

FNX partnered with the Sundance Institute to bring you it's first non-documentary original series.

The show introduces hosts Bird Runningwater and Ariel Tweto as they present and discuss various short films developed, showcased or created through a direct connection with Sundance Institute's Native American and Indigenous program.

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