Frank Blanquet

(Mayan) - Producer / Director

Frank Blanquet grew up in the humble heart of Hollywood, California just a few blocks from the walk of fame. Of Mayan Indian ancestry, Frank’s parents migrated to the United States from Merida, Yucatan. He was an extraordinary artist since birth, a musician early on and has been surrounded by wonderful story tellers his entire life. He has been able to combine all of his talents into an elaborate career as a multiple award winning writer, producer, director and editor. He is a passionate and dedicated film maker whose youth and energy compliment his versatility, experience and production background. He’s been a constant creative force for FNX since its conceptualization helping to bring its vision and impending success to the screen for all of us to see.

Ben Holland

Program Manager

Ben Holland is the Program Manager for KVCR and also helps out with programming and operations for FNX.  He was born in Massachusetts, grew up in Placentia, California and currently resides in San Bernardino.  He has worked at KVCR since 1995.  Ben has a Bachelors degree in radio / television from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.  He is married (no kids yet) and enjoys video games, golf, skydiving, movies and flying.  Ben has a commercial pilot’s license and a skydiving license. 

Sean Houlihan

Content Specialist - Web

Sean is a technology enthusiast from Southern California. In building upon this hobby, he pursued an education in Web Design from the Art Institute of California, Inland Empire. In his studies, he was brought to FNX as an intern and now works there as the webmaster. Sean holds a Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Interactive media. His end goal is to make everyone's life easier through the internet. In his spare time, Sean enjoys learning from open source code projects and playing video games. 

Cheryl Alexander

Traffic Coordinator

Cheryl began working at FNX in 2011 as a volunteer Broadcast Operator and moved into the Traffic Coordinator position. Her professional background includes working as a Technical Coordinator and Administrative Assistant specializing in multimedia and broadcasting promotions, giving her ten years of experience in the field. Cheryl has Associates Degrees in Computer Information Technology and Radio Television and Film. She will be continuing her education as a Communications major at CSUSB.

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