Meet Your FNX Staff: Karen Tallman

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Karen Tallman, FNX Tribal Liaison
Terria Smith

Here at FNX, we understand how important it is to connect directly with our community. Thus, we will now be running a monthly blog feature called "Meet Your FNX Staff." These write-ups, written in Q & A format, will give our channel viewers and site visitors the opportunity to learn a little about the people behind First Nations Experience.

Since this series was the dream of our very own Karen Tallman - a member of the team we could not function without - we decided to start with her. Here she is:

Karen Tallman

Tribal Liaison

Tribal Affiliation: Ohkay Owingeh, White Mountain Apache

Talk a little bit about your professional background and what brought you to FNX:

My professional background started in the stock brokerage and commodities arena, then transitioned into banking. I worked with a major bank for 15 years in private client services. After 15 years, I decided to try something new and accepted a position as a personal assistant to a celebrity. That was short lived. I had pretty much decided to retire and was enjoying life when I received a call from a very close friend asking me if I wanted to go back to work. The rest is history.

What does FNX | First Nations Experience mean to you?:

It means that now we get to hear the true story. All of our lives, we have been portrayed as second class citizens. When in fact, we are highly educated, accomplished leaders in the community. We hold high offices within major corporations and own our own businesses. We are philanthorpists, doctors, lawyers and chiefs. WE ARE NATIVE AMERICANS!!!

What is the most exciting part of your job working for FNX?:

You get to meet the likes of Lynn Valbuena. What an incredible woman. She is an icon within Indian Country. She is highly respected by every Tribal Leader and Council member. She is an amazing role model for all women. When I first came on board, at times, I felt like I stepped into history. I met some amazing tribal leaders, people who have paved the path for us and suffered for our cause. They fought the good fight. Now they are passing the torch to the younger leaders. What an incredible thing to witness.

Do you have a favorite show or film that has been featured on the FNX channel to date? If so, what makes it your favorite?:

Apache 8. How I would love to be a member of those amazing fire fighting women. Forget the glass ceiling…….

How do you hope to see the channel grow in the next year?:

I hope it develops into one of the most watched channels. I want to someday look back and not remember when FNX didn’t exist!

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