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FNX on Verizon FiOS Channel 471

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FNX Operating Board Chairman Tim Johnson (Mohawk)

FNX expands viewing audience through Verizon FiOS Channel 471

San Bernardino, Calif. – FNX: First Nations Experience Television announced today that it is expanding its viewing audience through the addition of Channel 471 on Verizon’s FiOS network which currently reaches approximately 1.2 million homes in Southern California.

Tim Johnson, Chairman of the FNX Operating Board, said, "The growth of the FNX viewing audience on Verizon FiOS TV is an important step in the development of the nation's American Indian television network. Expanding distribution — namely to increase exposure of American Indian experiences and perspectives to the American people — is an FNX priority."

"The story of America begins with the American Indian. But moreover, the knowledge, values, and traditions of American Indian peoples are more relevant and useful than ever today and need to be made available for public consideration and discourse,” said Johnson.

“In this respect FNX is not intended simply to be viewed as another 'ethnic or cultural channel' serving a previously underserved demographic, although there does exist that need. FNX intends to grow into a network that broadly engages visitors on shared areas of interest, awareness, sensibility, and consciousness. We're already seeing that through the use of visual media, by the innovative programming featured on FNX, that American Indians are better able to communicate their historic and contemporary experiences, perspectives, and realities. And this effective communication is beneficial not only to American Indians, but to all Americans."

Verizon FiOS is currently available for several areas in California and will continue to expand as Verizon strings additional fiber optic cables throughout the state. As Verizon continues its FiOS fiber optics rollout, their DSL service will be replaced with this new form of Internet connectivity, which dwarfs the speeds Verizon is currently providing with its DSL service. A complete list of cities/towns where Verizon FiOS is currently available can be found at: http://www.fiberexperts.com/california-fios.html

Charles Fox, FNX Chief Operating Officer, said, "Guided by our focus group indicators, the FNX program acquisitions team is working feverishly to meet deadlines to create an exciting program schedule to promote to carriers as we head toward our national roll-out in 2013. We’re offering a unique line-up of authentic programs about American culture that we think will generate loyal viewers not only in Native American communities, but in mainstream viewing audiences.”

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