We are living in an exciting time where communties who are often left out of the mainstream narrative are taking control of their own voices and are telling their own stories. Filmmaker Sky Schofield (Pit River) is doing just that. Schofield is currently raising funds and gathering efforts to make a documentary on Pitt River history, language, art, music, spirituality, and political action from the early 1800s to today. 

One-hundred and fifty years ago, the Pit River tribe was forcibly relocated to the Round Valley Reservation. They broke out and found their way home on foot some 250 miles away. 

In 1970, the US Government tried to give them less than 50 cents an acre for their land and their troubles. When they said no, the government ignored their wishes and upheld their sale of stolen land to giant multinational corporations. When multinational corporations took their land, they failed to care of the area’s ecosystem and  left the area in terrible conditions. 

It’s now 2019, and Pit River people are still here, thriving and providing many of the available jobs where the tribe is headquartered in Burney, California. 

Pit River Documentary Trailer 

While many do not know the history of the Pit River people and what happened to their ancestral territory, Schofield is committed to changing that by documenting the stories of those who took action back in the 60s and 70s to protect their land, and those who are taking action now.  The documentary provides an opportunity for these stories to be heard. The Pit River People have faced great injustices and have suffered at the hands of corporate greed and environmental degradation. So now, it’s time that these voices be heard and these multinational corporations be held accountable.

Schofield’s team wants to tell these stories and have begun a crowd-sourcing campaign to achieve these efforts. 

They are just a few days in of their month long campaign to raise funds for the project. To view their Indiegogo campaign, click the link below: 

Indiegogo Campaign Pit River Documentary

For more information on the project, click here.