Idyllwild Arts Academy is offering grant-funded full scholarships to American Indians pursuing artistic endeavors. The arts high school offers an intensive summer program with outstanding teachers and provides individuals the opportunity to excel and grow in the arts. The program offers areas of study including Visual Arts, Music, Theatre, Dance, Fashion Design, Film and Digital Media, Creative Writing, and Interdisciplinary Arts. 

The purpose of the arts program is to provide opportunities for American Indian students to grow in the arts and operate in a space that gives students “the freedom to be themselves and not just follow pop-culture norms learned from the media,” according to Terria Smith (Cahuilla), whose daughter attended the program. She is the editor of the print magazine, News from Native California, (

Please contact Tara Sechrest ( or 951-659-2171 x 2345) about scholarships for Idyllwild Arts Academy, or Sharon Sabenorio ( or 951-659-2171 x 2367) about scholarships for the Idyllwild Arts Summer Program. For more information on the program and admissions process, click here