A new teaser ad for an upcoming perfume fragrance called “Sauvage” which means wild or fierce in French, has sparked wide criticism online. The ad shows Native American dancer Canku one star, performing to a drumbeat and the narration, “We are the land. Dior.” The House of Dior, filmmaker Jean-Baptiste Mondino, and Johnny Depp consulted enrolled citizens of several tribes (Comanche, Isleta, Taos Pueblos, and the Pawnee Nation) along with the organization Americans for Indian Opportunity in order to ensure all elements and symbols linked to Native American cultures were accurately presented in the ad. 

Laura Harris, AIO executive director said in a recent statement, “Parfums Christian Dior were very open to learning about contemporary Native peoples and were committed to avoiding cultural appropriation.”

However, despite these “well-intended efforts,” many native organizations and individuals have taken to Twitter to call out Dior for cultural appropriation and insensitivity.

Non-profit Illuminative has asked Dior to pull the entire campaign immediately.


We contacted Dior asking about the recent ad and how people have taken offense to the images featured in the ad. They apologized and said that their intention was to “Respect and celebrate Native Americans.” Dior has not issued a public apology, but the video was taken down after online backlash.