On Saturday January 31, 2015, two FNX Interns made their way to Four Directions Education’s biggest event of the year. The Honoring Traditions Gala filled the night with blessings, Pala Bird Signers, Fancy Dances and a silent auction; the highlight of the night, awarding Saginaw Grant with a Humanitarian Award. No expense was spared at the venue of El Adobe Restaurant, a California State Historical Landmark in the heart of San Juan Capistrano. The architectural elements of El Adobe artfully reflect the history of both building and location. A fitting place, I would say, for honoring such an extraordinary living legend.

About 80 guests entered the Palenque room with an adjoining Garden-Chapel and Veranda. Pictures and Videos casted on the walls highlighted scenes of the countless movies and shows featuring Saginaw Grant. Some included bits of Lone Rangers, Breaking Bad, and War Party, proving Saginaw’s versatility and lifelong accomplishments.

Eddie Tahuka and I were eager to capture the event in a way that would give it the justice it deserved. Nervousness was mixed with excitement being our first solo mission for the station but as the night ended, we were feeling more and more and ease. Definitely a night to remember!