FNX | First Nations Experience has received a second $6 Million gift of support from its Founding Partners, the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. A special commemorative ceremony took place in honor of the gift renewal at KVCR studios on the San Bernardino Valley College campus on Monday, January 26, 2015.

General Manager, Alfredo Cruz, noted, “Gifts of this magnitude are extremely rare in public media and the fact that San Manuel is renewing their commitment with this second gift, is a massive vote of confidence in the exciting and innovative work that FNX is doing in public television.” Cruz added, “This will help take FNX to the next level, allowing the network to continue growing in both reach and content to make positive impacts on more communities throughout the country.”

“Since the idea for FNX was first broached in our early discussions, San Manuel has viewed the Native television channel as a key media platform for disseminating factual information about and for tribal nations and indigenous peoples around the world,” said San Manuel Chairwoman Lynn Valbuena. “We are pleased with the progress that FNX has made during the initial development period and are excited about the opportunities the channel presents for Native storytellers, filmmakers, actors, musicians, artisans as well as other professional endeavors in television.”

Arising from a need for Native Americans to tell their own stories; to help preserve our culture, to promote awareness and appreciation for Native culture and history among the general public, FNX is the most exciting new development in communications today.

FNX is filling a media void by providing programming that is unavailable anywhere else. Telling the stories of Native people in their own words, FNX’s 24/7 programming is PBS-compliant and includes everything from feature and short films, to documentaries, drama, series, comedy, lifestyle (health/cooking/gardening), sports, cultural, news/public affairs, nature programs, animation, and children’s shows. All content strives to illustrate the rich diversity that exists within Native cultures and reflects a true voice of Native American and Indigenous people from around the globe.

Created as a “local content programming initiative” on KVCR’s digital tier, FNX was launched at KVCR-PBS through a partnership with the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians in 2011. Since then, FNX has grown into a fulltime, self-contained, 24/7 turnkey, national public television network with affiliates broadcasting into 12 states. FNX is now available via satellite to stations and service providers throughout the U.S. over the Public Television Interconnect System.

In Southern California, FNX is can be seen over the air on KVCR’s Digital Ch. 24.2, on Direct TV Ch. 24-2, and on Verizon FiOS Ch. 471. In addition to the major metropolitan regions of Chicago and Los Angeles, FNX is currently carried by stations in Alaska, Arizona, Illinois, Minnesota, Mississippi New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, including several tribal reservation communities. Public stations and service providers interested in carrying FNX are encouraged to contact FNX for details.