FNX I First Nations Experience, as you can imagine, is very busy for the Month of November, Native American Heritage Month. It was quite a spectacle to witness those at the network stretch themselves to the dozens of different events taking place nearby. Somehow, this station accomplishes what seems to require the power of a hundred men with just a handful of people.

The most exciting event for me was being able to take part in FNX’s first ever live event “FNX Live: Satellite Launch Celebration,” which aired November 3rd on KVCR, channel 24. The live event celebrated the network’s nationwide launch, making the channel available to all who take interest. Watching the behind the scenes of television, especially for a live broadcast, makes you really appreciate the talent, synchronization and teamwork needed to insure quality for such a program.

FNX was also warmly welcomed by Sherman Indian High School, an all-Native American boarding school in the city of Riverside. Here, we reached out to Native youth with colleges from around the nation, hoping to inspire their minds and hearts. FNX got to mingle, get to know campus life and hear of the many individual inspirations ready to embark on their next life chapter.

Later in the month, FNX got to capture the 1st Annual Native Harmonies Native American Festival at the Scottish Rite Theater in Long Beach, California. During the rehearsal, many different types of instruments sounded throughout the elaborate theater, echoing off the high ceilings and rounded architecture. Mazes of hallways led to different dressing rooms full of various dressings, faces half painted, conversations in native tongues and spurts of drumming occasionally accompanied by the sounds of flutes. The music from the stage emitted through the building and the second story shook with the music’s vibration. All the while, we interviewed numerous performing artists in the corridors of the building and later captured more on the red carpet. Some of the performing artists included Rita Coolidge and Shelley Morningsong with various Aztec Dancers and Native American Dancers. I genuinely hope this Festival continues throughout the years, it was absolutely amazing!

The month is still not over and the FNX team is looking forward to The San Diego American Indian Film Festival (SDAIFF) which we will be attending this weekend. Come out and meet some of the FNX team. Hope to see you all there!

Submitted by: Robin Underwood, FNX Intern